Sunday, 20 February 2011

Winter aftermath in Argyll

Across to Loch Fyne to meet with client and gardener and to see the results of the harsh winter. Deer jumped the nearby deer fence and got into the garden and nibbled Azaleas of all things! This may have contributed to the death of one of them found in a nearby field. Both a wildcat and a pine marten were spotted in the vicinity during the harsh conditions so the wildlife were severely under stress. 
The ornamental meadow has been left uncut until now giving an air of happy chaos to the entrance drive with its mixture of straw and seed heads. It has given much needed protection to the resting plants and shelter no doubt to many overwintering larvae and even small mammals. It will be cut soon to reveal the new basal growth and to let the light in. The year is moving into spring and optimism!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

grounded design: Is Your Planting Evocative or Provocative?

grounded design: Is Your Planting Evocative or Provocative?: "The secret of great planting revealed. Of all my various rants, one point I am consistent: planting design is an art. Planting design..."